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Think Your Vehicle Might Need to Be Serviced?  Here Are Some Ways to Tell from the Experts at Greensboro Auto Center

Routine car maintenance is part of the ownership experience for all Asheboro, NC drivers.  Ignoring your car service is never a good idea.  It can lead to poor performance and, eventually, untimely mechanical failures.  These mechanical failures can turn into very expensive car repairs.  In the spirit of avoiding these kinds of costs, our service center has compiled a list of frequently asked questions about auto service below, and the experts at Greensboro Auto Center, located at 3800 Burlington Road in Greensboro, NC, are here to provide you with the answers our High Point, NC customers need.

How Can You Tell if Your Brakes Need Servicing?

Have you been doing your daily commute in the Winston Salem, NC area and have been hearing some concerning sounds coming from your vehicle when you step on your brakes?  Chances are you may need to service your brakes.  There are a couple ways to tell if it might be time to replace or service your brakes:

  • There is a metallic grinding noise when you press the brake.  This is probably caused by worn brake pads.
  • You hear squeaking when you put your foot on the brake. In addition to squeaking, you experience a pulsation or vibration, which can be an indication of a warped rotor.
  • The car pulls to one side when you press your foot on the brake.
  • Your brake pedal sinks all the way to the floor when your car is stopped.

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How Can I Tell if I Need an Oil Change?

There are a few ways for Burlington, NC customers to tell when they need an oil change if they don't get an indicator light.  Your vehicle owner's manual will have the proper intervals for oil changes. It typically ranges from 3,000 to 10,000 miles, depending on Year, Make, Model.  If you experience excess vehicle exhaust, increased engine noise, and your car shakes/vibrates when it is idling, it may be well-overdue for an oil change.

What Does the Check Engine Light Mean?

The check engine light is part of your vehicle's onboard diagnostic system.  It means that something is not operating correctly within the vehicle and it could be many things, from a bad loose gas cap to an engine that is misfiring.  When the light comes on, don't ignore it.  Make an appointment with our service center at Greensboro Auto Center.

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