In the car business, everyone is looking for an edge on the competition. You have probably noticed that some dealerships use pricing gimmicks or special giveaways to draw you in. These are great tactics to generate traffic, but they don’t get at what should be the core of every automotive transaction: giving the customer a sales experience that is focused on them and their needs. Greensboro Auto Center, located at 3800 Burlington Road in Greensboro, NC, has chosen to make their own way by providing our Asheboro, NC customers a New Way to Buy. This philosophy informs everything we do as a business and we feel like it makes us a unique and attractive used car dealership that serves Greensboro, NC, Asheboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, and Burlington.

Making You the Top Priority

We know that our customers are the most important thing in our world. Without them, we wouldn’t be here. This reason is why we want to provide our High Point, NC customers with a sales experience that is progressive and is simple and seamless. As you browse through our premium used cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans from respected brands like Dodge, Ford, Honda, Toyota, and Chevrolet, our sales team will be devoted to helping you find the right pre-owned choice for you and your needs. Our New Way to Buy philosophy dictates that our sales team focuses on you and providing a fun, no-pressure experience while you search for the right fit. You will also have the benefit of working with one person throughout the whole sales approach.

Winston-Salem, NC customers will also be happy with our transparent one price, no haggle or hassle approach. Our used vehicles are priced to be very competitive. No matter how much you search through the Burlington, NC area, you will find that our pricing strategy is aggressive so we can make the vehicle purchasing process as easy as possible. If you like the idea of spending an hour or less to buy a car at a dealership, you will love the process at Greensboro Auto Center.

Discover the Differences

Greensboro Auto Center, in Greensboro, NC, knows that there are a lot of used car dealerships in the area, but we invite you to come experience our New Way to Buy philosophy and discover why so many people have bought multiple cars from us.