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When you're shopping on a budget, it's no surprise that price is a key factor. As a dealership that sells only used cars, Greensboro Auto Center cares as much about fair pricing as its North Carolina customers. Thanks to our unique pricing model, you can lock in a reasonable price on a quality pre-owned car, truck, or SUV from a name brand that you love - only at Greensboro Auto Center, serving Winston-Salem.

What is Market-Based Pricing?

Also known as competition-based pricing, this approach is common across multiple industries, including automotive. As demand increases and supply decreases, prices fluctuate. At Greensboro Auto Center, near High Point, we base the prices of our used vehicles on real market data. Using market-based pricing means that we have control of our market's pricing. That allows us to offer competitive prices that reflect what's happening with local supply and demand for specific models - from used Toyota to used Chevrolet.

As the market-based-pricing approach continues to grow in popularity, many car shoppers are still unfamiliar with it. We're working diligently to educate our future customers when they experience our New Way to Buy at Greensboro Auto Center.

How does Market-Based Pricing Benefit Me?

If you have a budget planned for your next car, you want to find a fair price. You also don't want the stress of price negotiations. Thanks to market-based pricing, you won't worry about finding a reasonable price or haggling with your Asheboro-serving dealer. The competition-based pricing approach gives you peace of mind that you're getting a fair offer on the used Dodge or used Ford model. The price that you'll see originates from market data - not what your Greensboro team believes the vehicle is worth.

Using the practice of market-based pricing is a business decision that we believe positively impacts our Greensboro customers. It also aligns with our dealership philosophy of promoting a transparent atmosphere and offering a car-buying experience that outmatches local competitors.

Claim a Fair Price on Your Used Car Near Burlington, NC

As you begin exploring MotorTrend certified vehicles online and onsite, you can rest assured that whatever set of wheels you select, you'll get a fair price that matches the Greensboro market and surrounding markets. By partnering with Greensboro Auto Center, you'll feel more confident about what you'll spend on your next automotive purchase. Get started online today to unlock the market-based price that fits your budget.


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